The food industry doesn’t want you to know this dirty secret: 90% of chronic disease in the US is directly related to the food we eat, and it’s all completely preventable. Obesity, cancer, diabetes, and other major diseases aren’t just tied to individual choice, but rather are a result of the unequal and unfair design of our national food system.

“Food Deserts” (as labeled by the US Department of Agriculture) are killing America. Low-income communities rarely have access to healthy food, and Low-Hanging Fruit presents a complete solution.

Shannon Dobbs tears apart conventional grocery store models and breaks down why the status quo hurts everyone (except for Big Industry), and then provides a better path forward.

In Low-Hanging Fruit: Market-Based Strategies for a More Resilient Community Food System, you will learn:

  • How global supply chain inefficiencies contribute to inflated costs for food, as well as climate chaos and food waste
  • Who retail grocery stores are really working for (hint: not us!)
  • How food system corruption wastes labor, food, and other scarce resources (including the truth about expiration dates)
  • Methods to improve usage rates and impact of federal assistance programs like SNAP and WIC in your area
  • Methods for developing resilience and sustainability into local food systems using market-based approaches
  • How to reduce food and packaging waste systemically, without blame-shaming your neighbors.
  • Food Hub solutions designed for both rural and urban environments
  • Collaborative grassroots strategies for designing a healthier food system from the ground up

Low-Hanging Fruit is at its core a call to action for systemic change, and a roadmap to a healthier future for everyone.