your donation matters

Greetings from On Common Ground: 

What is the best way to help people help themselves and live a full life? At On Common Ground (OCGReno), we believe food is the heart of community. Access to affordable, nutritious food and the ability to make it delicious allows every senior, adult and child to work, learn, grow, fight disease and participate in our Northern Nevadan community. Please help OCG open the sliding-scale grocery market on East 4th Street by sponsoring and/or donating. We offer a wide range of involvement levels designed to meet all budgets.

Who needs access? Sally and John both work full time here in Reno while raising their children, Devin [age 7] and Kevin [age 3]. Sally and John often go hungry because they take money from their food funds to provide for the boys. They just learned that Devin has not been eating the free breakfast or lunch at school because he’s embarrassed.  Malika, a full-time student at UNR, works two part-time jobs and uses financial aid, yet runs out of rent money every semester by the 5th month. Malika rarely goes to the movies or eats out with her friends, because she struggles to find money for groceries and transportation to shop for food. Ralph is a 73-year old military veteran on a fixed income who received a no-fault eviction when his rent was raised. He often lives on the streets or in weekly motels.

How can you help?  We greatly appreciate your sponsorship. Sponsorship provides you with advertising people trust because it supports a great cause. Proceeds help fund access to affordable nutritious food and to reduce food waste. Please email to secure your sponsorship and visit for more information and to donate.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the OCG organization.



Shannon Dobbs

President, On Common Ground